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Christian Testimonies

I have been using Christian Translation Services for several years now and I am always impressed and fully satisfied with the quality, turn around time and excellent rates. I will definitely continue using Christian Translation for all my translation's needs.
Erica A. Spence
Thanks to Mr Yeral Ogando and his excellent team of translators and technicians from christian-translation.com. Yeral, God has a record of the many hours you’ve put in, partnering with me on this project.
Carolyn Hollier
Gotquestions.org is the most extensive multi-lingual Christian website in the world. Now translated into over 95 different languages, we have worked with over 100 different translators / translation companies. We have found Christian-translation.com to be the best solution for ministries with Christian-based content needing to be translated. Their work is always high-quality and reasonably priced. The few small problems we have had have all been rectified in a timely manner. We highly recommend Christian-translation.com! In Christ.
I have used the service of this web page for translation of the internet page; Jcstreetmission.com and also some leave lets into several European languages. I am very pleased with the translation quality, the rapid response and the cooperating that was provided. I will definite recommend the translation service that is offered. Due to the fact that the translators have a Christian foundation, maintains and preserves the meaning of a Christian message that are to be expressed. For any future translation I will choose the service of this web page.
Christian Project Management involves a lot of tasks and work. most of the time, you are too busy to be speaking with different translators, speaking different languages (that is when …
I have met over the years many ministries with great materials to evangelize nations and communities, but unfortunately, they don’t have the contact or partnership in the target countries. Their …
I have experienced firsthand how ministries have tried translating their Christian texts using non-Christian translators and the result is not bad, it is a good translation, however, most of the …