Why Christian Project Management?

Christian Project Management involves a lot of tasks and work. most of the time, you are too busy to be speaking with different translators, speaking different languages (that is when languages come in handy); negotiating payment terms and rates, translation process, quality check control and much more. You may have your project not only for … Read more Why Christian Project Management?

Why Connecting Christian Ministries?

I have met over the years many ministries with great materials to evangelize nations and communities, but unfortunately, they don’t have the contact or partnership in the target countries. Their materials are only to share with a few people on the churches or communities, thus neglecting to touch millions of people in other countries and … Read more Why Connecting Christian Ministries?

Why Christian Language Translators?

I have experienced firsthand how ministries have tried translating their Christian texts using non-Christian translators and the result is not bad, it is a good translation, however, most of the translations are missing many important key elements when performing a Christian Translation: Bible terminology or Christian Terminology Christian experience to learn the correct words used … Read more Why Christian Language Translators?