Connecting Christian Ministries

Service for churches, ministries, organizations and / or individuals looking to connect their ministries worldwide.

Connecting Christian Ministries

You already have your materials into several languages and you want to find a Christian contact in one of the countries where you want to share your Christian material. I am here to connect you with leaders all over the world thus handling and speaking different languages. I will connect you with the country (countries) you are interested in targeting and in the languages of your choice.

I have met over the years many ministries with great materials to evangelize nations and communities, but unfortunately, they don’t have the contact or partnership in the target countries. Their materials are only to share with a few people on the churches or communities, thus neglecting to touch millions of people in other countries and online.

We have the Great Commission to take the Gospel until the end of the earth, but how will you do that, if you cannot get your materials into other countries, because you don’t know who to work with. Most of the time, when you find some random agency, the bureaucracy is overwhelming that it does not even look like they are working for the same kingdom of heaven.

What I will do is connect your ministry with a team leader (brother or sister) on another country, where you two can work together to share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, that is what I have been doing for several years, connecting and being liaison between agencies, thus reaching the world.

I understand that it is very risky to connect people and especially to share your connections and resources with other organizations, churches and ministries. This is a very bold move, but it is for the kingdom of heaven. I myself, have had many mishaps, but that cannot stop us. We need to connect other ministries with our international connections to the Gospel can be heart.

You have the ministry and I have the connections, let us join forces for a better tomorrow and a world with filled with the Gospel.

That is why Connecting Christian Ministries is such a splendid task and I am here to help.

Feel free to email me with detail information on your ministry, the number of connections or countries and the number of languages you are looking for.