My Grandfather once told me that experience is not something you improvised, experience is something that can only be earned with years of work.

That experience is what I am offering to you through Christian Translators services. I have been working and managing Christian Translators since 2004, that is 16 years of experience and believe me, I have picked one or a few things on the way.

I am using my experience to help your ministry, church and / or organization grow in the mission you’ve been given to accomplish.

Speaking more than 7 languages has allowed me to gather Christian Translators all over the world and work with them, they have come to be part of my network of Christian Translators over the year and are ready, willing and able to undertake any assignment coming from me. They are part of my crew, they are my crew.

Christian Translators in more than 250 languages, thus providing Human translation across the planet. My almost twenty years of experience is at your disposal. I will not only share my sources (depending on the package), I will also guide you all the way for you to master your project.

I can even accept your project as a Project Management Service, when you think you don’t have the time to manage your projects and don’t want to go through the hassle of contacting every single Christian Translators for your languages, discuss payment terms, payment options, deadline, glossary, translation process and more. I am here with the experience to help you succeed. I will mentor you or take over your project.

I have earned several degrees that certified my knowledge:

BA of Arts in Business Management
Master of Arts in Theology
Master of Arts in Language and Linguistics
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

But at the end, experience is the most important factor in anyone's career.